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Charting the course to a better life


Compass Your Future

At Compass Coaching, we help you achieve a fulfilling life through personalized financial, productivity, and life coaching. Our mission is to guide you on your path to success, providing expert advice and tailored strategies to help you reach your goals and lead a more balanced, prosperous life.

Coaching With You in Mind

At Compass Coaching, we believe everyone deserves a fulfilling life. Our personalized coaching in finance, productivity, and life skills is designed to help you achieve your goals and thrive. Let us guide you on your journey to success.

Image by Austin Distel

Financial Coaching

Ready to take control of your finances? At Compass Coaching, we provide personalized financial coaching to help you save, invest, and grow your wealth. Let us guide you towards financial independence and peace of mind. Start your journey to financial freedom with us today!

Image by Brooke Lark

Productivity Coaching

Struggling to manage your time and reach your goals? At Compass Coaching, our personalized productivity coaching helps you streamline your tasks, eliminate distractions, and maximize efficiency. Let us help you achieve more in less time. Start boosting your productivity with us today!

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Life Coaching

Feeling stuck or seeking more balance in life? At Compass Coaching, our personalized life coaching helps you find clarity, set meaningful goals, and overcome obstacles. Let us guide you towards a more fulfilling and balanced life. Start your journey to personal growth with us today!

Carlos Cajuste, NY

“Brian really helped me to understand my whole financial picture and build a plan to achieve my goals. I can't believe how much debut I have able to pay down!"

Jami Johns, TX

"Brian was able to ask great questions that helped me to think through things in a new light. I'm so thankful for his coaching."

Pat MacHugh, NC

“Brian was patient with us and helped to encourage us in our finances and work. Coaching has been a game-changer for us.”

Ready For A Change

Curious about how coaching can transform your life? Schedule a free consultation call with Compass Coaching! We'll discuss your goals and how our personalized coaching in finance, productivity, or life can help you achieve them. Start your journey to a better you today!

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